An annual membership fee of $35.00 per person will be charged for all members of the Swedish Golf Association.

A fee of $30.00 per round will be charged.  If during the year we find that a larger fee is required, the officiers will modify the fee accordingly.

Members will be allowed to bring guests who will be charged the same fee as Swedish Golf Association members.  Guests will not be allowed to enter into competition play.  Advance notice of guests is required.

Our group is not registered with the PNGA.  The handicap chairman will maintain handicaps for us using our recorded most recent 20 scores that have been adjusted using the formula in Section 3-2A of the Rules of Golf "Equitable Stroke Control".

    1.  We will play in accordance with USGA RULES.  "Winter Rules" will be observed at all times.  The ball may be cleaned and placed within six (6) inches of the original lie anywhere through the green without penalty.  No improved lies may be made in hazards or within a clubs length of a tree or out of bounds without penalty of one stroke (USGA Rules).
Drop a second ball within two (2) club lengths of estimated lie.  Penalty of one (1) stroke.
    3.  RULE of 10:
        Once you have achieved a score of 10 on any particular hole, pick up your ball and proceed to the next tee.   Score 10 on your score card and a maximum of two putts in the putting competition.
Men's Competition:  Those with handicaps of 25 and under will be in First Division.  Handicaps of 26 and higher will be in Second Division.  Women's Competition:  One division.
    5.  PUTTS:  If the ball is within 25 inches of the cup, you may pick up the ball and add 1 to your tally of putts. 
    6.  AWARDS:  
        A.  Long Drive awards (1 point each) will be made for each division.
        B.  Two (2) closest to the pin awards (1 point each) will be made for both men and women.
        C.  Awards (1 point) will be made for all birdies, all zero putts, and all pars for women with handicaps of 36 and above.
        D.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded points as outlined below.
        Aggregate Point System
        1 point will be awarded for each round of golf played.
        3 points will be awarded for each first place finish.
        2 points will be awarded for each second place finish.
        1 point wil be awarded for each third place finish.

Each player must have a minimum of three (3) entries to be eligible for the aggregate point system.

Season awards will be made at the season ending Swedish Golf Association banquet.

PLEASE STAY UP WITH THE GROUP AHEAD!  PLAY READY GOLF even if it means playing out of turn!

Our rules are simple and uncomplicated.  Some of our rules are intended to speed the pace of play.  Understand that we are not playing for any reason other than the joy of the game and the friends we play with.