Past Adventures

Waiting to Tee Off
Steve, Charlie & Bob Anxious to Start
Fans Cheering On Their Favorite Golfers
Attorneys At Work
Shannon & Fred Talking Shop At Cedarcrest
Clearing the Course
Bob Hoagland Trying to Retrieve His Ball
Sign In Activities At Auburn Golf Club
The Boys in Their Winter Rain Gear.
Ed Teeing Off at Auburn Golf Course
Anybody See Where That Went?
The Ladies Foresome At Bellevue Golf Course
Do You Really Think They Are Discussing Golf?
Leavenworth Golf Course
George & Chuck Enjoying a Refreshing Libation After Golf.
Featured Foursome at Leavenworth
Gene, Bob, Robert & Phil (not pictured) were ready for competition.
On the Lanai Overlooking the Leavenworth Golf Course
Jean, Carol, Carolyn, Corky and Barbara. No Cocktails? Must of left their purses in the golf cart.
Boom Boom & Boom
Diane & Craig
I found my ball in the woods.
George & Joann
A family "affair"
Don & Carlean
They had a good day.
Bob & Carolyn
Posing for Golf Digest?
Jean & Bob
Nice Doggie! Nice Doggie! Drop the ball.
Joann & Friend
Wow. Hard to add past 100.
Peter & George
The hosts of many cocktail parties in Sequim.
Bob & Carol Hilsmann
Old Friends of the SGA
Pat & Earl Fleehart
Enjoying a meal at the banquet.
Linda & Bill
Linda & Steve
Can I trade this for a Noodle?
Joann & George
Yeah! I got long drive.
Another prize for my collection.
Yes! Do it again.
Relaxing on the deck.
Joann & Barb
Leavenworth Banquet
Leavenworth Banquet
Enjoying the story.
Carol & Carolyn
Is Phil taking a "selfie"?
Barb & Phil
Anxious to tee off.
Fred, Steve & Bill